Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Last activity direction

During nearly every implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Services, someone inevitably asks is there an easy(ish) way of determining if the customer has responded to an email. The answer is yes.

On the email message entity, the direction field is set by server side synchronisation based on, you guessed it, the direction of the email coming into or out of Dynamics.

2017-08-13 21_20_15-Advanced Find - Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Microsoft Dyna


This allows you to do the following:

  • Create a field on the case entity called ‘Last response by’ with the following options
    • Customer responded
    • Awaiting response
  • Create a workflow on the email message entity on creation of new records to update the regarding case, setting the ‘last response by’ field to ‘customer responded’ if email direction = ‘incoming’ or ‘awaiting response’ = ‘outgoing’

You can then create views based on this to help your customer services agents in determining cases to be prioritised based on interactions.

TIP – Be careful with your workflow and set appropriate filters such as checking that ‘regarding’ has data so it only affects emails going to/from an active case record.

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